October 2017

The first of the joint NERC / Findon dressage league competition was hosted by Findon.  The next one will be hosted by NERC on 12th November. 

We have set up an online entry system for the dressage which will be used alongside postal entries. 

At our committee meeting we have decided on the trophy winners for the AGM.  We are also planning the training / competition schedule for 2018.  Please get in touch if you have any suggestions.   


 Area Results (17th August, 2016)


Well done to all the NERC members competing at areas!  All our members who competed were amazing and the team spirit was awesome.  Having 45% of our membership competing was incredible.  There are some outstanding results compared to clubs with 3/4/5 times the number of members!




Team (Debbie humble, Stephanie Forbes, Claire Newlands and Clare Watt) 2nd out of 10 teams

Clare watt 5th individual prelim with 69%

Open teams

3rd (Julie Wattie, Katharine Mieras, Felicity Forbes and Iona Campbell) and 7th (Jill Angus, Jane Eddie, Louise Oatey and Lauren Cowie) out of 12 teams.

Riding Test teams

Riding test teams were 4th and 6th out of 17

Katharine Mieras 4th individual in novice
Debbie 4th and Clare Watt 6th individual prelim.


3rd Iona Campbell and Aero
4th Lauren Cowie and Uber
5th Julie and Jumbal
6th Jill Angus and Pepper
10th Louise Oatey and Herman


Novice 24:
4th Katharine Mieras and Caley
5th Jane and Brett

Novice 27:
6th Ja
ne Eddie and Brett

Novice 28:

6th Iona Campbell and Aero.


Katharine Mieras and Caley 4th intermediate
Iona Campbell and Aero 1st open
Niamh 1st junior novice and 1st junior style
Katie 1st junior novice with Joey and 2nd junior intermediate with buttons.





Area Competitions (28th July, 2016)


Good luck to everyone competing at Area Dressage and Showjumping this weekend!!!


Dressage -  Jill Angus, Julie Wattie, Katharine Mieras, Iona Campbell, Jane Eddie, Louise Oatey, Lauren Cowie, Julie Wattie, Felicity Forbes, Claire Newlands, Stephanie Forbes, Clare Watt, Debbie Humble and Katie Young


Showjumping - Haley Bouma, Clare Watt, Naimh Crossland, Katie Young, Katharine Mieras, Louise Oatey, Jackie Taig, Iona Campbell, Stephanie Forbes and Felicity Forbes.